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Soapstone July 2015 Highlights:

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Soapstone June 2015 Highlights:

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A few of our favorite photos from Pineridge and Soapstone for 2013-2014.


Cdy00140 Cdy00117 pineridgebear_Fall2014 Cdy00087 Cdy00066 Cdy00069 Cdy00038 Cdy00009


Cdy00045 Cdy00124 Cdy00125 Cdy00162 Cdy00222 Cdy00290 Cdy00292 Cdy00308

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife Employee checking on ferret survival post release:


Our very first black footed ferret camera capture. We were VERY excited to find this photo: First Ferret!


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Timnath STEM Festival

Last month, we had the opportunity to share our program with Timnath Elementary School at their STEM Festival. Students and their families checked out various wildlife specimens, got photo-captured by a camera trap as they passed through an obstacle course, and made plaster casts of their very own “tracks” to take home. A big thank you to Timnath for inviting us to share our program and to all of The Wildlife Society members that volunteered to spend their Saturday sharing their passion for wildlife!

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