Educational Outreach

IMG_0011Beginning in Fall 2012, a group of Colorado State University undergraduates, in collaboration with Boltz Middle School’s fifth grade students, set up six remote cameras within Pineridge Natural Area, Fort Collins, Colorado. We positioned these cameras in various environments, ranging from prairie dog towns to riparian areas, in hopes of capturing activities of both wildlife and people in several settings. CSU undergraduates participated in the set up of the cameras and the data collection that occurred monthly. The data collected was then sorted by species and date. This information was provided to the sixth grade students, and with this information, they constructed graphs of each set of data depicting the activities of each species.

Throughout this project, the sixth grade students gain hands on experience that lead to a deeper understanding of the wildlife in their community while learning different techniques professionals use to evaluate wildlife.

Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to make connections to the wildlife in their local community and apply these lessons to their natural science units in class. We also hope to build a sense of stewardship towards the environment while providing hands on experience collecting remote camera surveys of wildlife in local natural areas. We hope to increase awareness of this project so that CSU students, grade school students, and the Fort Collins community may benefit.


While these cameras are only up for a few months of the year, they still gather valuable data about the presence of many different species throughout several types of habitats.  As this data is very local it provide an interesting look at local wildlife.  This data is available to CSU TWS students as well.  If interested please contact us at


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