The Wildlife Society Camera Project was created to provide learning opportunities for undergraduate students at Colorado State University in wildlife camera trapping, data collection, and environmental education.

In collaboration with Fort Collins Natural Area, we have set up cameras at Pineridge Natural Area with the hopes of collecting data about wildlife in Fort Collins and providing this data for future use.

The main focus of the Camera Project is educational outreach to local schools around Fort Collins. The photos we collect from Pineridge are used toward the education of wildlife in our urban setting as well as basic ecology. As part of the outreach, we create lesson plans for teachers to utilize in their classrooms. These lesson plans utilize the camera trap photos to help students learn how to make graphs and data tables; be able to identify different species; learn about life cycles. Our hopes for the educational outreach program is to educate the youth about wildlife within their vicinity and increase respect and awe for the natural world around them.